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Celebrating 50 years of support from Crerar’s with the
50th annual Honeython fundraiser! 

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Please send in orders by November 1.

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Questions? Please email campkalalla@gmail.com

All the campers and staff from 2022 thank you for supporting CGIT Camp Kalalla!

A Few Words About Camp Kalalla 2022  

We were so excited to be back on site! We had a great group of campers and LITs, and a wonderful staff. We ran lots of fun programming… 

  • Crafts (the campers made cool wind chimes and many gifts for their Secret Friends!), 
  • Art (special fairy houses and amazing eggshell art creations were on the menu this year), 
  • Waterfront (everyone developed new skills in Swimming, Canoeing and Kayaking) 
  • Discovery Time (the campers had lots of great conversations with each other!),  
  • Overnights, singsongs, wide games, crazy unit meals, cookouts, Talent Show… and more! 

It was wonderful to be together in person again- it is a special group of campers and staff who gather at Kalalla. We feel so privileged to be able to be a part of the laughter, singing, personal growth and learning that happens on site each summer.  

A big thank you to our dedicated staff. It takes a lot to make a camp run – counsellors, property managers, business managers, LIT directors, waterfront staff, kitchen staff, programme staff, health care… the list is a long one!  

We also have to thank the people who support us in the city both before and during camp—the registrar who takes your information, the treasurer who manages our finances, the coordinator who makes sure we have a bus and a place to meet it, the health care team who developed our Covid policy and helped make sure our return to site was managed safely. We can’t do what we do without you all. 

And as always, a huge thank you to the campers and their families! Thank you for your support – for coming to help with work parties on site, for attending events throughout the year, for support with our fundraisers. Camp Kalalla is a volunteer-run, non-profit charity—we really appreciate all the help we receive from our wider Kalalla family. We couldn’t continue to function without you! 

Please Keep Your Eyes On This Space For News About Our Fall Work Weekend Fun! 

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Support Kalalla with PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance Program)

The PAR program is an easy way to donate to Camp Kalalla on a regular basis. Simply fill out a form and send in a voided cheque and you can make an automatic monthly donation to Kalalla, allowing easier and more effective budgeting and planning. Even a monthly donation of $5 would make a difference to our work.
See how to set up a PAR on our donation page.

Online donations to help offset operational costs for the season can be made by sending electronic money transfer (EMT) to treasurer@kalalla.com. If donors have donation receipt requests, the treasurer can be contacted at that address.

Camp Kalalla Girls

Celebrating our 70th year of Christian camping for girls ages 7 to 15 in 2019, Kalalla is a non-profit, charitable overnight camp, owned and operated by the Ottawa CGIT Committee – Canadian Girls in Training.

The Fees, Date & Information page leads to step-by-step registration instructions and the current camper registration forms. You will be able to pay the camp fees online or by cheque.


Camp Kalalla is owned and operated by Ottawa CGIT Committee.
Our charity registration number is 12739 1886 RR0001

CGIT - Canadian Girls in TrainingAs a Canadian Girl in Training, under the leadership of Jesus,
it is my purpose to cherish health, seek truth, know God,
serve others, and thus, with His help, become the girl God would have me be.