Coming Home 2019

Hey friends, I wrote this post when I got home from camp and I hope you find it brings back some memories from just less than a month ago… It feels like it has been so much longer than that. Enjoy!

Coming home is always hard. Don’t get me wrong. I’m so happy I’m not at camp in this humidity of 40 weather, and I’m so happy to be reunited with my doggos and family. But I miss my other family. 

There seems to be an absence of “Heinz I have a question.”, “please tie your shoes”, “walk please”, and “I need to go see echo”. I was eating my lunch today and no one sang to me when I put my elbows on the table. There was no “alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic”, no one hitting the table with me, and no “lu la la”’s to stop the incessant singing of we love you to your secret friends. Although I am sure my dogs would have been happy to join in, it just isn’t the same. Take a moment to think of the little things today. The ones you probably won’t remember in a few days, or weeks. 

You might always remember that time you took a hike and found animal bones, your first time trying a s’more or a doughboy. You might always remember staying up late talking to your friends. Will you remember your cabin and all the funny things that happened? Will you remember that time you did canoe over canoe and had to help your counsellor back in? Will you remember the late night tears about missing your family, or saying goodbye to the family you’ve made this past week? 

I hope you all made some lifetime friends, and some memories like those. I hope you all had a fantastic time at camp. 

I know I did. 

Happy Camping,


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