Camp Kalalla February Challenge!

Hi everyone– we miss you!! We really had fun doing the Kalalla Secret Santa together and the Kalalla Christmas Campfire with you, so we have been thinking about ways we can see more of each other during the year… 

One way we came up with is to do a Monthly Challenge with each other! Every month we will post a set of challenges or activities that you can complete with the people who are in your bubble or maybe with friends at a safe distance. (Get your grownups to help you figure out what is safe!) 

Here are some ideas for our February challenge:Are you interested in helping butterflies and bees in your community? David Suzuki is too! His foundation will train you in how to get your community thinking about these things. If you’re interested in this, talk to your grown up and get your application in by February 5. Here’s the link for more information.

Butterflyway Ranger program – David Suzuki FoundationLove butterflies? Want to green your ’hood? Join the David Suzuki Foundation’s team of Butterflyway

Go outside and build a crazy snow sculpture or fort.
Make a model of your favourite place at camp (or the whole camp?!) using only objects you find in nature. (remember not to hurt any natural objects when you are doing this activity!)
Send us pictures of your creations!

If you have ideas for challenges for any of the coming months, or even this month, send them to us and we will try to include them in the future. We are especially looking for ways to inspire us all to enjoy spending time outside, getting fresh air and exercise!

Lots of love,

Camp Kalalla and The Ottawa CGIT Committee

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