About Camp Kalalla

While Camp Kalalla has its roots in the Christian tradition, we are non-denominational, and we warmly welcome campers and staff from all faiths, and also of no faith.


“Kalalla” means “Meeting place”. Our camp is a place where girls and women meet and come to a greater understanding of themselves, of each other, of nature, and of spirituality.

The goals are to:

  • create a community where every person plays an important part in developing a positive, safe environment for all to enjoy;
  • encourage self-respect, to build confidence and to promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle;
  • appreciate creation through all our senses and to learn how to look after our earth;
  • become the kind of girls/women that the world needs now, and the best girls/women we can be!


Explorers Ages 7 to 10

As an explorer
It is my Purpose
to live each day
with God’s love to guide me;
To grow each day
Exploring God’s world of wonders
To give of myself each day
For God has given me
A life to live and share

CGIT Ages 11 to 15

As a Canadian Girl in Training,
Under the leadership of Jesus,
It is my purpose
To cherish health
Seek truth,
Know God
Serve others,
And thus, with His help,
Become the girl God would have me be.


In 1948, members of the Ottawa CGIT Committee decided to buy 107 acres of ground on a very beautiful spot on the shores of Long Lake.

An intensive campaign was carried out during the autumn of 1948 and in three months more than $10,000, which had been the immediate objective, was raised. With that, the Board was able to pay for the grounds and begin construction.

By the summer of 1949, the camp site, named Kalalla because it bordered on an old settlement of that name, was ready for occupancy, and in July of that year, the first camp was held. Preceeding the camp, a dedication ceremony was held in June presided over by Mrs. J. R. (Penny) MacGregor, Chairman of the Board and Business Manager. The dedication ceremony was led by the Rev. R. Purves-Smith of Ottawa. Truly, that afternoon in June was a memorable one for each and every member of the Board for it symbolized the realization of a long-cherished purpose.

Many changes have taken place since that first camp. Camp experiences have changed over the years, but their underlying purpose of offering activities to help girls and women to becoming the best they can be, has not changed. The genius of these CGIT camps has been their full, challenging program, the life-long friendships that have developed, and the emphasis laid on character building and Discovery Time. Morning Watch and evening vespers have always been daily events, with interest groups in crafts, art, dramatic arts, nature study and campcraft, to help the girls experience the fullness of camp life. The leadership given has been truly creative.



girls as they are, recognizing that each girl is unique.


girls to develop their leadership skills through participating, learning, planning, and camping.


girls to reflect on faith traditions and the CGIT purpose.


girls how to centre and ground themselves, so that they can become the best people they can be.


to the girls in a supportive way through small group discussions.


girls with a leader who will be their guide, help them to understand their problems, and share in their dreams.


girls to build on their strengths and to be proud of who they are.


girls with opportunities to discover ways of helping others.


girls develop a network with others across the country…a lifetime of support to help them live a life with a purpose.