Step 1 – Read Information Pages

Step 2 – Print the Forms

Print the registration and health forms and fill them out. We need to have your signature on paper. Please ensure that the health form is COMPLETELY filled out before mailing it to the registrar and that all of the appropriate areas are signed, including the permission to give medication section. You will need your child’s height, weight, dates of her last DPT/polio shot and tetanus booster and her doctor’s contact information. This helps to ensure that we offer your child the best health care possible.

For Further Information contact:

Registration will not be accepted until all of the registration form, health form, and full payment are received by the registrar.

Note: Registration and Health Form can also be emailed to the Registrar at

Step 3 – Payment

If paying by cheque, please write one for the entire camp fee and put it in the envelope with the registration form and health form.

Make cheques payable to: Ottawa CGIT Committee. We do not accept post-dated cheques.

Payment by e-transfer is now available. Please consult the registration form for details or contact the Registrar for more information or assistance.

Step 4 – Mail the Forms

Mail the completed registration form, health form, and payment information to the registrar. The forms and payment must reach the registrar at least two weeks before the start of the camp session.

Camp Kalalla Registrar

S112-455 Front St. East
Toronto, ON M5A 0G2

Step 5 – Finalizing Registration

Cheques will be forwarded to the Finance Committee by the Registrar.

The camper names and confirmation numbers on your paper forms will make it easier to match them to the credit card transactions. Please note that your camper is not guaranteed to be registered until the completed forms reach us and full payment has been made. We will send a confirmation email when the registration has been accepted.

Camp Kalalla