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Name That Staff

We need your help to Name That Staff!

Introducing one of our behind-the-scenes staff.  She has been working tirelessly on the Marketing Committee and also volunteering with the Ottawa CGIT Committee.  Although she attended camp as a camper, she has never come up as a staff member, but she is looking for a camp name – well, we’re looking for a camp name for her!

Some information to help:

What’s your favourite colour – Green

Do you have any pets – I had one dog named Finnegan

What’s your favourite camp song – Alligator

What’s your favourite dessert – brownies

How do you feel about spiders – fine!

What do you like to cook on a campfire – doughboys

Share your most memorable camp memory – when I had Jewels and Harmony as co-counsellors and they used to sing us to sleep every night

What’s your favourite kids book – Amelia Bedelia

What is the funniest movie you watched as a kid – Shrek

What’s your dream job – Inventor

What do you do in the rain – stay inside

What colour is your bedroom – grey

How do you spend winter – inside, but I sometimes go showshoeing

How do you feel about outhouses – I’m not bothered by them

Where would you go on an overnight – on tent row under the stars

Favourite part of the camp day – Salutation of the Dawn

What did you dress up as for last Halloween – a doll

What’s your favourite movie – Lion King

What’s your preferred dance move – the twist

Post your suggestions below!