A Day in the Life of a Waterfront Staff at Kalalla 2018!

Here comes the rain: A day in the life of a waterfront staff at Kalalla 2018

6:30 – wake up to the sound of rain.  Hope it’s just the trees dripping.  Decide to do polar bear dip anyway.

6:45 – wake up campers with enthusiasm!

7:00 – stand in light rain as campers arrive at waterfront.  Encourage them that it’s not that cold.  Campers realize it’s not that cold.

7:30 – convince campers to get out of the water, since they’re having so much fun!

8:10 – walk with purpose up the hill, since we’re going to be late for breakfast again.

8:15 – enjoy an amazing breakfast (thanks, Kitchen Staff!), sing Good Morning to the campers

8:45 – it’s time for “Announcements”!

9:00 – have a quick staff meeting, where we hear that it’s going to rain all day.  Decide to keep waterfront open unless it thunderstorms.

9:30 – Units 4 and 5 are late again…

9:45 – Tip Unit 4 out of kayaks – I mean, teach them wet exits…

10:10 – Unit 5 finally arrives for swimming.

11:30 – Unit 6 walkies down to say they’re not coming because they’re tired of being wet.  Unit 2 appears out of the woods after a hike in the rain, ready for their swim.

12:00 – encourage campers and staff to head up the hill.

12:15 – continue to encourage campers and staff to head up the hill.  Miss singsong.

12:25 – Remember that it’s a theme day – make up a costume on the way up for lunch, and realize we’re late again.

12:30 – eat a delicious lunch

1:25 – sing “Announcements” again!

1:30 – it’s HHH!  If only Units 1 and 2 were as excited about it as we are…  Fall asleep anyway because the sound of rain drowns them out.

2:20 – wake up to the sound of thunder.  Close waterfront.  Plan alternate activities and walk with purpose to share the information with the other counsellors.

2:30 – wait eagerly for campers to come for games and nail painting.  No one comes because they are all still singing and laughing loudly in their cabins.  Plan regatta instead.

3:00 – receive confirmation that units are not going to be coming.  Join units to help out with crafts and DT.  Such fun!!!

5:15 – get ready for dinner.  Realize that my raincoat is down at waterfront.  Improvise.

5:30 – be on time for a meal!  Discover that Unit 4 has planned a Quelf meal.  Quietly capture all campers with my hypnotic stare, especially the ones who bark.  Secretly envy Unit 3 who are eating with funny utensils.

6:25 – and more “Announcements”

6:30 – help with jumping.  Enjoy the singing!

7:25 – rearrange benches so we can have vespers inside, because it is still raining.

7:35 – listen to the inspiring and reflective words spoken by Unit 3.

8:00 – it’s talent show time!  Watch in amazement as girls go up, individually or in groups, and sing, play, or dance.  Staff are funny too.

9:00 – have a snack

9:30 – go outside to do taps on the deck because it has briefly stopped raining.  I think I even saw a star peek through!  But that could have been wishful thinking.

10:00 – get ready for bed, plan for tomorrow, chat with other staff

10:30 – fall asleep, listening to the sound of rain on the metal cabin roof.  So peaceful!  Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

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