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It’s throwback Thursday! Can you guess the camp year from the names in the story?

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a castle. In this castle lived Princess Jewels. Princess Jewels lived with her beloved pet bird Snoopy and her evil stepmother Guin.

One day, evil stepmother Guin was overly irritated by the excessive noises Snoopy was making, so she Toshed, I mean tossed, Snoopy out the window.

Princess Jewels was so upset, and immediately fled the castle in search for Snoopy the bird. Snoopy was just a Tiny bird, but she sure could fly fast. Princess Jewels didn’t know where to begin.

“Snoopy!” she cried, “where are you!”

From around the corner, Little Red Riding Hood came skipping along. “Are you looking for the bird making that awful KRAZ noises?” she asked.

“Yes! That’s her!”

“I just saw her fly over by the Cedar tree” Red replied.

Princess Jewels made her way over to the cedar tree where she saw Teddy the grizzly Bear munching away on some Spicy homemade honey.”Excuse me, have you seen my bird Snoopy?” she asked.

“Is it Tiny and does it make KRAZ noises?” the Bear grumbled

“That’s the one!” Jewels replied.

“Yeah, I saw her fly over the River of happiness a little while ago.”

“Thank you!” Princess Jewels called as the headed towards the River. Once Princess Jewels arrived, she realized the current in the River was too strong for her to swim across. She started to believe that Murphy‘s law was true – everything that can go wrong, will.

Just as she was about to give up, Aqua the mermaid showed up. “Why are you crying on this beautiful Summer day?”

“I can’t find my bird, and I can’t get across the River!” Jewels cried.

“I’ll help you get across, just hold onto my fin!”

And with that, they swam across the River. As Princess Jewels hopped out of the water, she noticed Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory off in the distance. She ran towards it. At the front door, Jewels bought some Mocha maple chocolate cake from Mitch the oompa loompa. She then followed him inside in search of Snoopy.

The factory was huge. There were candies of all sorts, including sugar Quills. Princess Jewels picked one up, and drew a picture of Snoopy, which she showed to all the oompa loompas in hopes that they had seen her. When no one recognized Snoopy, Jewels exited the factory through the back door.

As she was walking away, a giant elephant Squirting hot chocolate out of her trunk stopped Princess Jewels.

“Hi, my name is Lennon. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I’ve seen that rambunctious bird in your picture. She was flying along making KRAZ noises.”

“Oh please! Where did she go!? I must find her!” Jewels exclaimed.

“She went down Chocolate road,” Lennon said, indicating the stream of hot chocolate flowing down hill, “but the chocolate is too hot for princess’ toes. You mist ride Schultz the camel. She has special heat proof DC shoes!”

So Princess Jewels made her way down Chocolate road on Schultz the camel. Once she got to the bottom, she saw Snoopy perched on a sign that read “Camp Kalalla”.

“SNOOPY!!!” Jewels cried, as she hugged the Tiny bird. “Don’t worry, we will never return to the castle again. We will stay right here at Kalalla.”

So they stayed at camp Kalalla and lived happily ever after, and evil stepmother Guin never bothered them again.

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  1. About 50 years ago (give or take a year) I went to CGIT camp in Norval. My leaders Shorty, and Buddy and Skipper are all gone now. Poppy is almost 90 and still well. Loved this camp and Ryde Lake CGIT camp. CGIT was a large part of my life. It’s great to see it is still going strong!

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