Camping at Kalalla

I am a camper at Kalalla and I have been going there for 4 years. My favourite things about camp are crafts, DT (discovery time), swimming, and archery. I like crafts because you can make whatever you want or you can do the craft that is planned for the day. I like DT because you always do something new and sometimes you play strategy games, make crafts, or learn about Jesus, God and other spiritual beings. I love swimming because there are two rafts to jump off, you can play games in the water with your friends, and sometimes you even see loons or ducks. Also when you’re swimming cottagers sometimes go by and you catch their waves. Last but definitely not least, archery! I like archery because you don’t usually get to do archery at home so you can look forwards to doing it at camp.
    Also, there is HHH which stands for Happy Horizontal Hour. HHH is after our delicious lunch that I’ll tell you about after. HHH is a time to rest and have some ‘you’ time. During HHH some activities you can do are writing, reading, drawing, sleep, and you can make cards or pictures for your Secret Friend which I’ll also tell you about later.
   Now, I’m going to tell you about our delicious food made by our wonderful cook Lambchop and the other kitchen staff. Some of my favourite food to have in the dining hall are mini pizzas, hamburgers, oatcakes, date squares, spaghetti, and the salad bar. Also, you get to have special food on your overnights like hot dogs, grilled cheese, doughboys, smores, and cooked cinnamon apples.
   Next, I’m going to tell you about what a Secret Friend is. Each person draws a name out of a basket and that becomes their Secret Friend. You can draw pictures or write kind notes but you don’t tell anyone who you have.  Close to the end of camp, you meet everyone on the deck and you share who you have. You can make them surprises during crafts or at HHH.
  Overnights are also really awesome because you get to sleep somewhere else like marsh hut, in canoes, tent row, the dining hall, or on the deck. You also get to have a campfire and like I said before you get to have yummy treats. If you’re outside you get to look at the stars and it’s really pretty. And in the morning you also get to cook your breakfast over the fire. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook over a fire, your counsellor will show you how!
   Last but certainly not least, let me tell you about Poplar Grove. Poplar Grove is a big field that we play games in at different times during the week. It’s really fun and it’s not too far from the campsite. I especially like the game Smugglers and Spies.
The best thing of all is that you get to do everything with your friends! 
There’s much more fun to be had!
I really hope you can come! It’s really fun and awesome!
Kalalla camper,

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