I Am Kalalla

I am years, upon years, upon years of tradition, and history, and learning, and love.

Hey all,

Calypso here. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a third generation Kalalla girl. My grandmother, Gribbet was camp nurse for many years. My aunts Jellybean and Yogi were campers and then staff. My mom, Stitch, was a counselor and a craft resource person. My cousin Yoshi worked in the kitchen.

For me, Kalalla has always been a family affair. But I’m still surprised how after each session, my family has grown by so many amazing women that I didn’t know a week ago.

As your resident Vancouverite, Kalalla is unfortunately too far for me to make the trip each year, so I’m going to be contributing in a more virtual way – by running this fancy new blog. And by running, I don’t mean me writing each week. We want to share everyone’s Kalalla memories and thoughts. To submit something, just send me an email at blog@kalalla.com. Campers, please make sure to ask your parents before emailing in. Also, only first names or camp names will be used in all posts.

Even if you don’t want to write a whole blog post, I still want to hear from you. Tell me a funny anecdote from your camp adventures, or a hope for summer 2015, or even what camp song is stuck in your head (or parents – what song you wish your daughter would just stop singing already). As you send me these types of things, I’ll compile them into a larger post.

Also, for the record, the song that gets stuck in my head most often is “Our God is an Awesome God”, and I’m not even sure we sing it at camp anymore!

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  1. Hey there! We just got home tonight from our amazing week at Kalalla. What a terrific group of campers, staff and LIT’s. We had a long drive and sang camp songs for most of it; by the way, Katie says that we do sing “God is an Awesome God” and we sang it at one of our indoor campfires. Our memories from our time at Kalalla (4 years for Katie and many, many years for Chipper, spanning back to 1981 when she had Flipper as her first counselor) are some of our most cherished. Time for some sleep and more reflections on what we did this last week. Thank you to all who made it possible and created such an outstanding atmosphere for fun, learning, and growth. Love to all, Katie and Chipper

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