Kalalla Girls Don’t Hibernate

So every year around this time, it starts to feel like winter has been going on forEVER! We all complain about the snow and cold, and wish for summer days when we can be out in nature again.

But Kalalla girls are tough. We don’t hibernate, even while we dream of hot days at summer camp. We head outside to play and have fun in the snow and on the ice. And what fun we have!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Winterlude with a former Kalalla girl (and two future Kalalla girls!). The other day, I ran into another Kalalla girl snowshoeing in the woods. Another Kalalla girl helped make an ice rink in her backyard. And yet another former Kalalla girl did the Canada Ski Marathon. And the list goes on! Holy moly! Even in the winter, Kalalla girls are intrepid, refusing to let the winter get the best of them.

So what have you been doing this winter? How do you get your winter on?

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