Kalalla To Me – Through the Eyes of a Camper

Camp Kalalla… It doesn’t matter if you’ve been coming for years, or if you’re new, we are all one big family. Camp has become such a big part of my life, I have made so many unforgettable memories. From swimming, to geocaching, sleeping in canoes, to late night talks around the sizzling fire, camp will always have a special place in my heart. Ever since I was seven, I’ve made it my duty to come to Kalalla each year. For the fun I have with old friends, and for the new friends I will make along the way. Although we only may be there a week, I hope I’m not the only one, that out of habit, carries on camp experiences in my daily life back in the city. I am often caught calling out my family for putting their elbows on the table, or for being too loud when I sing “Alive, Alert, Awake” when I wake up on a school morning… Camp has made me the energetic, outgoing and open minded person I am today. I am forever thankful to everyone at Kalalla who reaches out to another, and inspires them to do great things.

I love Kalalla for the nature that surrounds us, the trees that shade us from the heat of the sun (this goes out to all those campers who tend to “forget” their hats in the cabins). Vesper hill, a view of the lake, as us campers mumble the words to the songs we don’t really know. A big thanks to Squirt on behalf of all the campers, for knowing every lyric to every song in our song books! I love the sunset, when we are canoeing in the middle of the lake, taking in all of the thing you miss out on back in the city. The food!!! Oh my gosh I love Kalalla food. If you know someone who goes to Kalalla, you will probably hear them talk endlessly about the oatcakes. They. Are. Delicious. I love the tricky games we play at dinner. Crazy utensils, feed your partner, speaking in third person. Friday night’s dance, where you can be yourself, and be proud of it. Thursday’s “Fancy feast”, when everyone gets emotional about camp coming to an end as we say toasts and drink our apple juice, although most campers become restless, and end up drinking it before the toasts…

I am thankful for Kalalla. The experienced campers, who see the new ones and invite them to join in and introduce one another. I am thankful for the counsellors, who have an extreme amount of patience in trying to calm down the campers who stay up late at night (almost every cabin). Waterfront, my favourite place in the world… Although there may be dock spiders, you can always count on Summer to shoo them away. I am thankful for everyone who has given something up to be at camp each year, it simply wouldn’t be the same without your caring and creative personalities.

To Kalalla, I love my Kalalla family more than explainable words, and am looking forward to seeing you all next year(if not sooner)! You’re all so special and unique, and I’m forever proud to call you my camp family. Sending my love to all of you wonderful people with hearts of undividable kindness. I can’t wait to see what camp Kalalla 2017 will bring.

– Appleicious Alicia, 2016

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