Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of posting! The last three weekends have been crazy with family birthdays/Mother’s day celebrations, and I haven’t been able to take the time to sit down to write in much too long. Such is the case today as well, but I just wanted to share the Salutation of the Dawn with everyone.

Listen to the Salutation of the Dawn
Look to this day, for it is life.
The very life of life.
In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence:
The bliss of growth.
The glory of action.
The splendour of beauty.
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day.

Such is the Saluatation of the Dawn.

I am lucky enough to live in the most walkable city in the world, and in then morning as I walk to work, I like to do my salutation just like at camp. Do you continue to say your salutations in the morning? Let me know via email, and I’ll share where and when other people like to do their salutations!

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