Sharing Kalalla

One of the reasons that I am so happy to write this blog is that I am always looking for new ways to share Kalalla with my friends and family who don’t get to personally experience it.

It is so difficult to put into words the joy in the first round of “Ungawas”, the beauty of sunset on Vesper Hill or the contentedness of talking about life around a fire with a group of fantastic women. Of course it doesn’t help when I’m too busy dissolving into giggles to get out half the story.

The other day my boyfriend and I were sharing important places with each other using the wonders of Google maps. I typed in “Chemin du Camp Kalalla” and was able to point out to him all the best kayaking spots: the Lily Pond, the Tunnel and Spider Island. You can even see the swimming area and the boathouse.

I loved sharing these sights with him, as each one came with at least one story of a happy moments of my life.

So this begs the question, how do you share Kalalla with your loved ones? Have you ever introduced someone to the Camp Kalalla experience by bringing them as a camper or staff? I’d love to hear your stories. Just send them to

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