The Best Job at Camp (According to Schultz)

Some people may say I am biased. They would be right.

Some people may say that I should try other jobs at camp. I have, it wasn’t for me.

Some people may say that being waterfront staff is the best job at camp. I agree.


  1. Lake!
    Waterfront Access
    Need I say more? Who wouldn’t want to spend their day on the lake? Sure, the water is a little murky, and I definitely have “lake suits” and “non-lake suits,” but when the sun comes around that corner at morning dip, or disappears behind you at the end of the day none of that matters.

  2. Swimming!
    As a lifeguard, you can go swimming almost any time you want. Over ratio? Awesome, hop on in! Everyone is out of the water and getting change? What are you waiting for!? No one scheduled this period? Grab a lifejacket and float around.
  3. Boating!
    Camp Kalalla
    I love to teach, and while I usually stick to math, I find it most rewarding when girls realize “oh wait, I really can steer my boat all by myself!” That look of accomplishment is amazing, knowing that you can be and are responsible for your own locomotion. Plus, everyone likes a good game of piano keys.
  4. The Boathouse (and its tradition)
    Sure, it smells like lake (see #1), but you can feel the history in the boards. Look around, and you are instantly surrounded by years upon years of Kalalla history. In particular, I draw your attention to an entry from Blondie, circa 1988(ish), and then to an entry of my own, circa 2009 (or 2011, but I think 2009). Both posts mention “cutting the grass with scissors – it works!” Before seeing the original post, I began to cut some of our taller grass with our scissors. A few days later, Summer pointed out Blondie’s post. The place is STEEPED with tradition, spirit, and soul.
  5. Waterfront team
    Waterfront spends a lot of time together on the lake. Pulling boats out, putting them back, cleaning paddles, hanging lifejackets, and trekking up the stairs (again). Every day! Not just at night, or during HHH. It is almost like a mini staff-within-a-staff. With the perk of being part of the greater staff team! As a team, you also share in many of the same trials and tribulations, energy peaks and troughs, tan lines and sunburns.
  6. You get to know ALL THE CAMPERS!
    Saving the best for last. As waterfront, you learn every girl’s name on the first day. As they complete their swim test, you can chunk the girls together in their units. Each unit comes down at least once, every day. In my eyes, more time with more girls is always a bonus. And! As a resource staff for one unit, you get that closer connection the counsellors have with their girls.

(Also, you don’t have a buddy tag! It’s impossible to forget to buddy out!)

– Schultz

If you would like to join Schultz on the waterfront this year, we need another lifeguard or two to join her team. You can find out how to apply here!

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