Top 10 Items to Add to Your Packing List

Every year campers get out the Kalalla packing list (available under the “Forms” section of the website), and while it is thorough, I always find myself annotating it with a few extra items. So here are the top ten things I add to my camp packing list.

  1. Extra socks. You will always need more socks than you think, and since they take up so little space, there’s no harm in adding a few extra pairs. My go-to number is two pairs per day.
  2. An extra flashlight (or two). Every year at least one camper loses her flashlight down the outhouse, if it hasn’t happened to you, then it’s happened to someone you know. Better to come prepared with a backup if ever this should happen to you.
  3. Extra batteries. Because you’ll always need them, even if you think you won’t.
  4. Old-school disposable camera. With today’s technology, disposable cameras have been pushed to the side a bit. However, they’re the perfect thing to bring to camp since electronics aren’t allowed! They even sell waterproof ones that are awesome to bring down to Waterfront!
  5. Embroidery floss/colourful string. It’s not camp unless friendship bracelets are being made, and for those, you need embroidery floss! There’s never enough at Crafts for everyone, so why not bring your own supply.
  6. Safety pins. To go along with your embroidery floss, you’ll need safety pins to hold your bracelets in place while you’re weaving them.
  7. Ear plugs. Just in case you’ve got a snoring cabin-mate.
  8. Plastic bags. At the end of camp, you’ll no doubt be stuck with a bunch of wet, dirty bathing suits and shoes. My pro-tip is to bring plastic bags to pack up all these wet, dirty items so the rest of your stuff can stay dry and clean, and you won’t be stuck with a suitcase full of dirt when you return home.
  9. Extra elastics and bobby pins, because you know you’ll lose half of them immediately.
  10. Minty gum. The bus ride to camp is fun, but it’s also bumpy. Make sure to pack some minty gum in your bag in case you start to feel car sick.

And there we have it! Ten extra things to add to your packing list to ensure that your time at camp is as awesome as possible!

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